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Board Updates

26 September 2017


St Joseph’s School Board

It’s not just ideas….. making it happen!

 You might be asking what has the board been working on this term and our answer is “quite a lot”!

In this, the first week of school holidays you will notice the old pine trees are being removed to make way for a new security School fence along the busy Lagoon Street, followed by more appropriate hedging. During the term the board has been working tirelessly on a submission to the Veolia Environmental Trust to assist in funding the board's project focus, a Fence and playground upgrade. The funding will contribute to replacing the existing unsuitable low school fence with security fencing, allow installation of new additional play equipment and provide synthetic grass in the section of the playground that is largely dirt.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the Fence and playground upgrade as well as all the other important roles the board plays, and our involvement with these.