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Grievance Procedures

St Joseph’s Primary School North Goulburn

Grievance Procedures



At St Joseph’s we believe that there is a need for a process that effectively manages complaints that may arise from time to time. This process ensure that the rights of all parties involved and protected at the same time as solutions are sought  to the problems that are in the best interests of all affected.



The policy allows for clear, fair and effective management of complaints.

The staff of St Joseph’s is committed to responding positively to critical feedback ensures that people have the opportunity to contribute to the continued improvement of the schools. Staff demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that a culture of consultation and open dialogue is nurtured at every level, giving every member of the school community the opportunity to express dissatisfaction as well as satisfaction.

Complaints will to be addressed responsively, openly and in a timely manner to increase levels of satisfaction and to maintain harmonious relations in the wider community. Staff understand the importance of having an expectation of a cooperative and genuine effort to resolve any valid complaint.



Complaints which may involve reportable allegations (Child Protection complaints) must be resolved in accordance with Child Protection – NSW Policies and will be resolved in consultation with the Catholic Education Office.

Many complaints or issues will be resolved informally at school level with no need to follow a prescribed process. Appropriate practices and procedures dealing with complaints will be clearly communicated to the all members of the school community, especially for situations, which are more complex.



  • Parents will be encouraged to take any complaints to the most appropriate staff member, who may in the initial stage be the class teacher.
  • If the situation is unable to be resolved at this level parents will be encouraged to bring complaints to the principal or her delegate. At the time of the initial contact, the principal will listen to the complaint and take notes on the ensuing discussion. At the conclusion of the interview the principal will read the notes to the parent and ask them to sign the notes as an accurate record of the meeting. The parent will be given a timeframe for further contact.
  • The principal will follow up the complaint with the staff member in order to give the person involved an opportunity to respond.
  • The principal or her delegate will the contact the parent and will
    • Either discuss the situation and seek resolution at the point
    • Arrange a meeting with the parents and the teacher involved with the aim of allowing all parties to interact in order to come to a conclusion that is satisfactory for all parties.
  • procedures to be followed for an interview with the person designated as the first

point of contact for addressing particular complaints (this is usually the Principal,

  • In the event that the situation cannot be resolved at this level, parent will be asked to put the complaint into writing and the matter will be referred to the Catholic Education Office. The principal will then contact the relevant officer.
  • Records of complaints will be kept in the office of the principal
  • The principal (or her delegate) has a responsibility to protect the confidentiality and privacy of those involved. This will be done by ensuring relevant information is accessible only to those with a genuine need to know.
  • Complainants will be assured that there will be no discriminatory action taken against them as a result of a complaint being lodged.
  • Complaints will be monitored to track the nature, frequency and resolution details for future reference.
  • Written complaints are to be acknowledged promptly in writing.