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Fundraising Policy


St Joseph’s School Community recognises its responsibility to consistently make all efforts to Create a Christ -centred environment in which Gospel values are modelled and encouraged, provide an environment that motivates and challenges and support inclusive relationships through providing equality of necessary resources. The School will from time to time generate and allocate funds for local projects as determined by the Principal and/or Community Council and therefore supports the use of fundraising activities as authorised by the Principal for such purposes as;

  • Donations to support charitable initiatives and Social Justice Program
  • Activities which enhance the school facility or school community
  • Purchasing school equipment



All fundraising activities should be consistent with the ethos of St Joseph’s Primary School and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All fundraising must be ratified by the Principal prior to commencement.
  • Fundraising is to be negotiated with organisations so that the public image, products or services are consistent with the ethos of a Catholic school
  • Funds raised are to be used to benefit students, enhance the quality and relevance of education for learners and contribute to the development of responsible citizens
  • All fundraising activities will be identified as such and will only involve voluntary participation.



Each year various groups within the school community will be responsible for organising fundraising activities and events. Organisers will liaise with other groups to alleviate demands on members of the school community and must operate within the following boundaries:

Community Council;

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls
  • An ‘athon”
  • Up to two other major events

Social Justice Programs

  • Project Compassion
  • St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal
  • St Vincent de Paul Advent Appeal

Year 6 Students

  • Annual school disco
  • Community pizza night/drives (optional)
  • One other event/activity (optional)

Student Representative Council

  • One event to support outside research or charity e.g. (but not limited to ) MS. Jeans for Genes, Jump Rope for Heart (optional)


  • Book Fairs- two per annum
  • One charity event e.g. Biggest Morning Tea (optional)

The guidelines outlined above will not preclude the school community from taking advantage of ‘special event’’ fundraising opportunities that may arise, e.g through Election Days or celebrations within the wider community.