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Mobile Phone Policy


Mobile phones are important modern day communication tools. However, they can easily be improperly used, lost or damaged and must therefore be effectively managed.



To ensure that St Joseph’s Primary School provides a safe environment for all members of the school community, students and staff must know their rights and responsibilities and are expected to comply with the school’s Mobile Phone Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to utilise the benefits of mobile phones whilst managing the problems they can potentially cause.




  1. Students are not to bring personal mobile phones to school unless permission from the Principal has been successfully sought, by parents who have outlined the health, safety or personal reasons that justify the student being in possession of a mobile phone.
  2. Mobile phones which are brought to school after this permission has been obtained must be handed in at the office each morning. The student is responsible for collecting the phone each afternoon.
  3. The school does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged student mobile phones.
  4. Students misusing personal mobile phones at school or causing a nuisance will be brought to the attention of the Principal.
  5. In these cases the mobile phone will be retained in the office until it can be collected by a parent.
  6. The Principal may revoke a student’s privilege of bringing mobile phones to school.



Teachers and support staff are obligated to attend to the needs of their students Staff mobile phones can remain switched on and may be used in emergency or critical situation and to assist in monitoring student medical needs. Staff mobile phones should not be used for personal communications during class time. Should a staff member need to be contacted during such times, that contact must be made through the main office.


Download the Mobile Phone Permission Form