101 Lagoon St, Goulburn NSW 2580 | Phone: (02) 4821 3510

Did you know?

Absenteeism Prior written notice of absenteeism would be appreciated. Any absence is to be explained in writing, upon the child's return, not by phone call. No pupil is permitted to leave the school grounds without written notification. Parents are required to sign a register located in the school office when taking a child from school during school hours.

Absent Notes Please remember that when your child is away from school you are required to send a written explanation. This applies even if you ring through to the school and leave a message. The notes are kept with the class rolls and are considered as part of the legal documentation. Absence notes can be submitted through the Compass app or the school website.

Anaphylaxis As an inclusive and welcoming community, St Joseph's Primary school is a nut free environment. Children are asked not to bring any types of nuts or nut products including Peanut Butter and NUTELLA.   

Bike Riding It is compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets. Police recommend that children below Year 3 do not ride to school unaccompanied. Bike racks are available at school.

Car Parking The main car park for parents is the church car park. Please enter by Sterne Street and exit at Lagoon Street and exercise extreme caution at all times. A staff car park is available for parents during the day when visiting the school.

Change of Address Parents are requested to inform the school office immediately of any change of address, phone number or change in family circumstances. This can be completed on the school website.

Collection of children After school parents are asked to collect children from the playground on Lagoon Street where students are supervised. Car pickup and drop off is in Reynolds Street. Bus drop off and pick up is in Lagoon Street.

Crossing A teacher is rostered on to see the students safely across Lagoon Street at the lights each afternoon.

Exemptions for Student Attendance When parents plan to exclude their children from school for reasons other than sickness, or unforeseen events i.e. funerals, the parent or caregiver is required to complete an Application for Student Exemption form. A certificate of exemption will be issued. Forms are available from the school office or school website.

Homework Each class teacher will give students an outline of homework procedures.

School Counsellor CatholicCare provide the services of a counsellor who is available to assist children and their families two days each week, Monday and Tuesday. Contact is made through the school office.

Sick children should be kept at home and given time to recuperate. If a child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified and asked to pick up your child.

Sports days Tuesday and Friday

Transport Bus Travel Application forms for city bus travel are available from the school office. Enquiries about routes etc should be directed to Punchbowl Bus Company (02 4821 2320). Students are expected to be well behaved on school buses.